Dissappointed with your policy, can't recomend Logbook pro


May 21, 2003
In December I recomemded your software to a friends wife as a christmas gift to her husband. I asked her at a dinner what she had purchased for her husband and she said she had downloaded your software 5 days ago, but hadn't installed it because she wasn't sure she did the right thing and had emailed you to make sure. At that point, 5 days later she still hadn't received a response and was concerened at yourlack of interest.

I talked to her husband this morning, and was really shocked to hear what they had been through. Indeed she had made a mistake, downloading the pocket PC software and the Palm companion and not the main logbook program but what shocked me was that you refused to make any kind of allowance or exchange. I really can't recomend your company any longer if that's the case. I understand from talking with Larry that the decision has been made but just wanted you to know I'm sorry I recommeded your software so highly and that I won't be doing it again. In person, on the AOPA weboards where I have also recommeded it or anywhere else. I just hope I can get over thinking about this every time I use the software myself.


Hi Ron,

I appreciate your feedback. I respond to all e-mails promptly, if not within a few hours, definitely within the same day. The situation where people don't receive responses is usually related to some spam blocking mechanism that is preventing legitimate e-mails getting through as well, or requiring the sender to validate every e-mail sent with some middle'ware which we cannot take the time to do for each and every customer. We clearly state at http://www.logbookpro.com/supportcenter.aspx the priority of support responses, the forums being first so others can learn from the inquiry and not have to waste time typing e-mails and awaiting responses. All e-mails to support have a tracking number which can be used at http://answertrack.nc-software.com to review any responses they may not have received due to such spam blocking.

The issue with your friend has been extensively communicated first with the wife that purchased the products, then the recipient (Larry) her husband. I'm not sure your purpose or objective of bringing this issue to the public forum, however, as I am confident in NC Software's policies and the extent for which NC Software places customer service, I decided not to delete this measure as I do not believe in moderation unless messages are clearly out of line. I do not have any record whatsoever of any inquiries from the wife as I would have clearly spent the time in helping her purchase the products best suited for the gift she desired to give.

We cannot allow customers to wrecklessly shop in our store and have key codes generated then e-mail us that they bought the wrong items. Prior to checking out, there isn't even the option to submit the order until the policies are acknowledged, which states all sales are final which is obviously due to key codes being issues thus compromising the software. Larry stated he had a Palm pilot, but an older one, Palm V. I informed Larry that the palm product he ordered would in fact work fine on that device, therefore all he needs is the PC side and he'd have the popular configuration of the PC and PDA setup.

I stand by the black and white (as informed to Larry) that I cannot sway for him and not others. It's unfortunate that a holiday gift had to turn into a sour situation, but the policies are clear, he does have usable software, in fact Auman Software's APDL product that was ordered does NOT require Logbook Pro PC, it is a standalone logbook in itself, further making the situation harder to compensate.

I welcome any and all feedback. I am not one to hide behind a company policy, I have gone to great measure to place customers first, one example is the fact Logbook Pro has been out since 1998 and I have yet to charge for an upgrade. Yes, my bank account could and would be five times the size it is had I done it like the rest, but, my pride is not the size of my wallet but you, the valuable customers, having a solid software product that is useful and reliable. Because you posted this message in a public forum, I also welcome others to reply if they feel they would like to comment on this matter. I will leave this thread open as I believe in the freedom of speech.

Happy New Year to all!

Thanks for your response.

I posted my views in a public forum, because I have activley recommended your products in other public forums.As to email response, I didn't doubt her comment of not getting a response since I emailed you personally about a matter not long after purchasing the software last yearand never received a response myself. I Believe I used the feedback feature to ask a question but I did include my email address.

Having purchased the software myself I know all about the disclaimers and policies. But I also think that some times people make honest mistakes, especially online when they aren't proficient computer users and a little leeway can go a long way towards good customer relations.
I have just bought Logbook pro and the palm application and have received
great support. Before I bought it I had a few question and everyone of them
was answered within 2 hours.

This is a rough spot, what is NC software to do? let people download software with the
registration numbers then have the person say oh it was a mistake I want the other one?
I support NC software in this, it is the only way they can make such good software for us
to use. If she did not know what she was doing she should have asked or you should have shown
her what to buy. NC should not be accountable for a buyers mistake and in this situation its to late
after you get the registration code.
I have looked all over the site for a phone number she could have called (she told me in our initial conversation that she had searched high and low for a number to call to make sure she was doing things rightas well) and I couldn't find one. If there is telephone support, how is it started? Do you have to call information to get the number?

I have gotten good response here in the forums as well. But how is a marginal computer user who is here to buy the software to know that?

We deal strictly through rapid turn-around e-mail and web communication. Should a customer require phone assistance, we arrange the call. A simple e-mail to sales@nc-software.com or support@nc-software.com would reach us.

Hey Neal, keep up the great work on your software. As a customer since 98, your customer support has been, well, lets just say that many software companies could learn from you.

BTW, you're awfully patient, as well.
I want to go on record that Neal has been extremely helpful, thorough and timely in helping me get up and running. My questions have been answered within minutes of my emailing. One email I asked Neal to call me.... he returned my call literally in three minutes.

I agree with the previous post that other software companies can learn something from Neal.

Yes Neal, you are very patient.
What's the problem just by a Palm, Pocket PC or both.

This is a program with excellent coustmer service.