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Door Times


New member
Feb 2, 2006
I have a second question. Is there a way to track "Door" times in APDL for pay purposes while still tracking "block" times for FAR requirements?


Paul Auman

APDL Developer
Staff member
May 30, 2005
Dunedin, FL
The software does not have the ability to track two out times per leg.

However, as a work around:

Our software bases the credit time on the imported scheduled time. In your case you need to uncheck "Apply Pay" under the "Block" payroll category setting on the "Options" page. Then create a new payroll category "Pay Only" and only check "Apply Pay".

For each logpage that is imported tap (Copy), (Edit) (Add trip Today) and (Paste). Change all "Blocks" to "Pay Only".

This will create one logpage for your Flight time\FAR Rest, etc. and one Logpag for Pay.

On the "Pay Only" page enter your "Door" times.


Active member
Aug 19, 2002
I hope you will add this gentleman's request to the wish list to have a push category in your software. I have posted this request in the wishlist category on this forum.

Airtran and Air Wisconsin both are paid from the door close/push, not by block. I don't know what other airlines do this, but I'm sure most will follow this trend eventually. By not logging pushback time, the company saves itself on 30/7 issues, etc. If you look at the legal definition of block/flight time in the FARs, it states flight time starts from the time the aircraft moves under it's own power.

Please give serious consideration to adding a push category to the software.
Thank you!