Drop Down Options


Jun 15, 2003

The dropdown options you have included in the latest version are better than the previous, however I would like to know why does the dropdown option only allow the first 30 entries that are in the database. For example, I have setup custom fields for crew, i.e. Captain, F/O etc. When I use the dropdown option to select a name that was previously entered, it only brings up the first 30 names in the database to select from. How can I allow all the names to be displayed in the drop down menu, which will save heaps of time when entering data.

Likewise, Why does the dropdown menu not remember all of the previous routes? It takes much more time to enter data using Logbook Pro than other logbooks because it does not offer these options.

This style of dropdown menu really needs to be included when using the PDA as well, similar to the Captain Keeper software for PDA's. Anything to save time when making entries works for me!!!


The drop downs are limited to reduce clutter. They are populated from recent back for 30 entries, and 15 routes. Beyond that, typically the entry is rarely used.

The PDA's cannot reflect this data as the entire logbook is not stored, therefore it cannot search back to retrieve this information. The PDA companions are strictly an add-only system vice keeping an entire logbook on the PDA.

Thank you for your feedback.