Screen naviagation options are invisible


Oct 1, 2015
Screen navigation options are invisible

I am surprised that nobody else has mentioned just how hard it is to see the "Home", "Edit", "Cancel", and "Save" buttons at the top of the screen when in the Flight and New Flight pages. For me, they are impossible to see in bright sunlight. Why not make the buttons a dark color with a light font color instead of a light button with a white font? It is so bad and so obvious that I would assume it would be fixed in the next version but it never is. Am I missing some basic configuration option?
IMG_0918.PNGIMG_0919.PNG this is from iPhone5s
That's because you have button shapes turned on under your iOS settings/general/accessibility. That option changes the color of the font and surrounding area around the button.

I'll report it for review.
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Hi Mark,

Is there a reason you have this accessibility option enabled? Please review your device's Settings > General > Accessibility settings.

No reason that I know of! (But it is a company-provided iPhone and maybe they have a reason). I have changed the setting on my iPhone and I do like the blue font on gray background much better, thanks! (Hopefully it won't screw with some company-specific app that we're running...)