APDL IOS Included Options???


Feb 26, 2008
I am a longtime user of Logbook Pro and APDL. I actually embarrassingly still carry my Palm TREO in my flight kit. I have been anxiously waiting for the APDL IOS release. To my surprise it was available on the App Store when I checked a couple days ago. I have used the demo mode and was highly impressed. We'll worth the wait. Kiddos to Neal and the development team. I do have to say there was a bit of sticker shock when I discovered the subscription prices. I was not expecting $150 per year. That being said I wanted to confirm the options that are included in the subscription. From the description on the website I am very certain schedule importer is included. It is unclear if multi-device and cross platform synchronization is included in the subscription. Will one subscription cover my iPhone, iPad and include synchronization to Logbook Pro on my computer?

Thanks so much!

Eric Comer
Hi Eric,

APDL 117 for the iOS does include the schedule importer and you can install on all your supported iOS devices. So you could log some on your iPad and then finish on your iPhone/iPod and it would all be synced together via the internet. The Sync from APDL 117 to Logbook Pro Desktop is coming soon.

Let us know if you have any further questions.
First, don't be embarrassed by carrying around your Palm device. It was and still is an excellent device with an outstanding operating system for its time. It's rather a shame they didn't keep up with the times and ended up being bought by HP and subsequently left to die. I still carry my Palm Zire72 as part of my uniform. Its only purpose is for APDL, nothing else.
Like you, I was taken by surprise by the pricing structure. I used the same term "sticker shock" when describing it. I feel let down by the company for not divulging this subscription-based system earlier as I have been talking up the new APDL to everyone I fly with, telling them that it is coming soon, and the way I expected it to be priced based on past experience with the old APDL and LBP. I think $150 per year is excessive, personally, but we'll just have to see how the product sells. As they say, the market will decide.