Can I import reserve periods from FLICA?


Mar 20, 2006
I am a jetBlue pilot on reserve. Do I have to manually enter every reserve period for the month?

Also, as a LONG time loyal customer who was very happy with the old Palm APDL...and as someone who had waited years for this ios update.......add my name to the list of people disappointed in the pricing structure of APDL.

It IS a free market and you can charge whatever you want for your product. I'll guess this comment will fall on deaf ears as many business owners grow out of touch and grow VERY defensive about justifying the expense of their product. I know a whole lot of work went into it and you need to recoup your money, but there is a limit to what people will pay for this product.

My PERSONAL limit is about the same or a little higher than the current LBP mobile subscription and cloud importer. Sorry, no offense. Ill go back to paper or jump ship to another app before I pay the current prices. If it doesn't change I wont be using it.

Sincerely, Good luck in your future and I hope your business does well.

We currently have to enter the reserve periods manually. Yes it's a time consuming process but you'll get it down. I can enter a month of reserve in about 10 minutes.