Importing airport ready reserve assignments


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Jun 8, 2008
Per your request, I am starting this thread as a separate issue that started in the thread "How do I download trips into APDL".
After some investigation into why my trips weren't importing I was able to narrow it down. I was trying to import two month's worth of past trips (December and January) to get the data entry started. Being a reserve pilot I do a combination of 1-day and multi-day trips as well as airport ready reserve assignments where there may or may not be actual flying associated with the FDP.
Initially, the importer imported the first two trips but then stopped (I later realized that the first two trips had flight legs and the third was airport ready only). It alerted me in the iPod APDL that there were 17 trips waiting to import but wouldn't import them. After trying different combinations, I realized that it would import any combination of trips that included a flight leg but would not import an airport ready reserve assignment that didn't include at least one flight leg.
Per your previous instruction, I started a service ticket. I sent Eric copies of a couple airport ready reserve assignments that won't import. He told me he would investigate and in the meantime to enter those manually. Might be good practice short term to get proficient at entering manually but hopefully this will be something that gets addressed shortly.
Does the new version have a copy/paste functionality like the Palm version had? My airport ready reserve assignments typically all start and end at the same time so if I do have to manually enter the data it would be great to be able to copy one day and paste the times in to the next day.
For ready reserve rips I have used the importer to import the trip. It doesn't usually pick up when the FDP should have started but you can go and change that after you change the legs on the first day to Airport Standby.

With that said, most of the time I just manually build those trips since the imported doesn't pick up the reserve portion.
Not being able to import airport reserve assignments is a limitation of the schedule importer. Different airlines post reserve assignments in different ways so we do not have a comprehensive list of all the appropriate formats to detect reserve. Prior to the implementation of 117 regs, we were not logging airport reserve as FDP since we were mainly concerned with flight time only.

We do hope to support this in the future. The schedule importer has been importing flight time for quite a while now and has improved over time to be able to accommodate a wide variety of schedule formats. This takes time and since the importer is brand new to importing FDP and airport reserve assignments, it will take some time before it can properly import the various reserve formats from different companies.

For now, there is no function to copy and paste an assignment. We will consider this for a future update.

Documentation on creating reserve assignments manually is available here
Here's another question regarding manual entry of ready reserve. Tomorrow I have short call reserve beginning at 1000 then airport ready reserve that begins at 1300 (same day). I may have missed something as I'm still getting the hang of this but it seems that I can only do one or the other, not both. If I extend my airport ready reserve to encompass the entire period that changes my total FDP. If I just enter the whole thing as short call reserve, that takes away the 10 hours of FDP. Any suggestions?
For reserve pilots, it's not uncommon to be scheduled that way, or be on short call and get called in to sit airport ready. Seems like something that should be able to be input.
For now, do you recommend just adding that reserve period as duty period or doing it some other way? Let me know.