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Bug Report Schedule Import Issue with FLICA


Jun 12, 2016
When trying to import my schedule recently I have run into a continual problem. I am currently on reserve which I understand doesn't show up as duty periods when importing. What I have found is that if I am later assigned a trip which I then attempt to import using the download schedule function, a problem arises in a couple of instances. If either if I have manually created a duty period (like a reserve duty period) or if a company specific code was used(in this case a simulator seat support duty, CRW2), the imported trip combines with the other period. This has happened to me twice, once in both of the cases I listed above. It doesn't matter what days the assigned flight is vs the other duty period. In the attached screenshots, the CRW2 pairing was just a training event. The trip H3167 was assigned off of reserve on 30 May. When I imported the schedule, this was the result, with the information for H3167 displaying on the wrong days under the CRW2 heading. I deleted the CRW2 duty period, however when I was assigned a trip in June, and selected download schedule, it again created the erroneous combined schedule for the previous month. Manually downloading a single trip the old way works fine.
I'm not completely understanding what has happened in your description. The only thing I can offer is that schedule importing while on reserve is not currently supported, particularly if a trip is assigned that is mixed with a RAP. That is a known issue which we hope to resolve in the future.
The main problem was that when importing the assigned trip H3167 on 31 May, the dates were totally ignored and the trip date was changed to 13 May and combined with the CRW2 duty period on that date. Unfortunately my screen shots were taken after I had manually entered the correct trip data for H3167 on the correct days. After the original import, the only instance of the trip was on the wrong days around two weeks early with the title changed to the CRW2 that it merged with. This happened one other time when I had a pairing cancelled and was pay protected for the first day. I manually entered a period in on the first day for payroll purposes. When I was assigned a flight for the next day, and attempted to download using the download schedule function, it once again changed the dates of the flight to coincide with the period I manually entered and also dropped the title of the flight pairing and replaced it with the title of the manually entered pairing. Hope this clears thing up a bit.