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Duplex Printing Problems


New member
Dec 30, 2003
Ihave tried everything I know to do, and even followed every direction that I could find, but still can't get my duplex printing to work correctly - the pages on the front and back won't line up. I use network printers and am not able to connect directly. I have attempted the print setups on an HP Laserjet 4050N,a HP Color Laserjet 5500DN directly and have triedthem bothusing FinePrint. I tried using the default margins and also manual margins of Left and Right of 1.2" and Top and Bottom of 1.5". I tried the Old World and Universal Flight Log templates. I tried the "position for duplexoutput" both on and off.I am at a loss on how I can get my flight log to print duplex on my verynice perforated paper. I tried all of this on plain paper so I wouldn't waste the good stuff. There has to be a way for the novice computer person to make this happen.

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001