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Error when trying to delete an entry


New member
Dec 14, 2005
I'm trying to delete an entry, OR simply change the A/C type. I tried to simply change the type, but when I click off of the line entry, it simply reverts back to what it was previously...

So I figured I'd just delete the whole row entry and start again with that one. But when I highlight the row and click the "x" to delete, it says:

"Reserved error (-1601); there is no message for this error"

Any suggestions to either delete and do this entry over with the correct type, OR change the type to a new one?


Confirm you're using 1.10.25 and your data file is on your local hard drive? It may be easier for you to send me a backup via a support ticket and tell me what you're trying to change or delete exactly.

Thanks anyway, but I guess I'm going to try to re-import all my APDL data after putting in a list of our N-numbers/Types... If that doesn't work, then I'll try it via the support ticket.