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Establishing minimum pay for a pay category


Sep 27, 2005
Does anyone understand the background functionality of the "apply minimum" checkbox on the pay categories?

I created a category named "airport standby", and selected apply to pay, above guarantee, apply minimum (4:00). When I select apt standby on a logpage, it applies the 4 hour credit. If I am assigned a flight during that time, it appears to calculate the greater of the 4 hour credit or the flight time, and apply the appropriate credit. However, if I have a flight on that day, then am assigned to apt standby, it continues to calculate the same way. I am trying to set it up so that I get credit for both assignments whenever apt standby is assigned after a flight assignment. Any ideas?

On a final note, whenever I put apt standby on my logpage, I do not enter times for the standby... it automatically calculates the 4 hour credit, however, if I do choose to input the time for the standby, my credit becomes the 4 hour minimum, plus the total hours added onto that logpage entry. (ie. 4 hours + 1800-2200 (4 hours) = 8 hours credit. I thought the minimum slot would give a min credit of four hours unless the times entered exceeded the 4 hour minimum, then the credit would be the actual time entered. Bottom line, how does the min credit feature work?
Un-check "Above Guarantee" on your "Airport Standby" payroll category.

When selecting "apply minimum" and "above guarantee" under a custom pay category each leg is treated individually. That is why you see 4,8, etc...

With just "apply minimum" set a minimum of X hours for that type of flying. For example the category IOE is set to a minimum of 4+00.

The first two legs, totaling 2+00 hours are assigned to IOE. Will show a credit of 4+00 hours.

The third leg of type "Block" is entered for 1+00 hour of flying and you will get a total credit of 5+00

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.