Evaluation Questions


Jul 5, 2005
A few questions as I'm in the process of evaluating this software.

First of all, I believe I read that you do not support Southwest's "Trips for Pay" instead of hourly pay in respect to evaluating pay. Is this correct and do you have plans of incorporating that into future versions?

Next, since I can't import stuff on eval versions - I notice there is no place on the apdl for aircraft type, how is this handled when synching to LBP? I assume that apdl is smart enough not to import deadhead legs to LBP??? How do I change the default settigs of Position Categories to FO-PNF DAY? All in all looks like great software... Thanks for all the help.


Also, does apdl import the actual block times or just the duration? THX
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Importing A/C type

The PDA wizard will ask what type of a/c you are flying for the sync. For the airline types that doesn't change very often, and so it will put the type you select in the LBP a/c type each sync. gotta figure out how to change it because I change types in April...

dunno about the rest.


APDL only takes the N-Number. When syncing to Logbook Pro it will check to see if the N-Number has been logged previously, if so, it will pair the A/C Type and use that type previously associated. If it is not found the default A/C Type will be used. Please see the Logbook Pro Community Share on tips for handling this, if needed.

Please review the PDF documentation installed with APDL for a discussion of the available preferences, etc.