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Extras Calculations


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Dec 16, 2001
First let me say hi, and give a deep bow. The software as it is is great. Many many times it has saved me time, and helped simplify my reporting needs when applying for airplane usage at a new airport. (I travel a lot, and rent a lot)...


Now, if I am using the software correctly, one limitation that I ran into, I wish were corrected. As a student, and as a renter, I wanted to define extra costs, such as instructor time, or hand held GPS rental time, or other items, and have those items calculated automatically. The same as the aircraft costs are calculatable based upon hours indicated in the log book entries.

I would like to be able to define an instructor and an hourly rate. Then, obviously, I would need to be able to select the instructor for that flight.

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I agree. For students and other users who are tracking expenses it would also be nice to have an area for materials related to flying or learning i.e. books, test prep, examiner fees, written tests, headsets, charts, etc...

Any plans? For now I just add the cost of the examiner to my flight cost at the time of that flight. Have not figured out how to attach expenses when there is no flight involved (i.e. the written exam)