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135 Module


New member
Dec 4, 2008
I'm sure a lot of us are 135 charter pilots. I would like to see the ability to input "Rest Start" and "Rest Ended" columns where the total hours of rest is calculated internally. And also "Duty Started" and "Duty Ended" columns as well. The program would then have restrictions that would raise flags if a "Duty Started" time began before a 10 hour rest period ended. The program would also need to count the number of 24-hour rest periods in a month and or calendar quarter. 135 pilots require 13 24-hour rest periods per calendar quarter. You may even allow for another set of columns that is labeled Not Rest, Not Duty Start and Not Rest, Not Duty End. Those hours would interupt the rest period too, and would consist of time in the office, such as training. If you had this, I'm sure many charter departments and charter pilots would be happy. I'm presently doing this in an Excel Sheet, so I know it's possible, and would be a great enhancement to your program.