• Apple released iOS 16 today (Sept 12). As of this writing initial testing reveals no issues with APDL or Logbook Pro.

Final Pay Import into Logbook Pro,


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Oct 22, 2006
I know that there have been some requests for probably the similar thing. I just purchased APDL and Logbook Pro and really for our company there is no easy way to import all my previous trips with this company several years back into Logbook Pro. I really was not looking forward to lots of Data Entry.

If there was a way to somehow import our companys monthly Final Pay register into perhaps the schedule importer then send that to LP that would be great. I tried and there is no supported format.

I have found similar programs online that do exactly what I am looking for, just no need for several different logbooks and I am sure you are aware of the competition.

CCS Logbook

with this I can import anything I have flown in the past into their logbook, How about something like this for logbook PRO ?