Flight Time Logging


Feb 3, 2006
Let's say I return to the gate without flight. To keep the time for legality I create a new payroll category and should have the "apply to 30/7" selected and the "apply to flight time" deselected since I do not want the flight to be transferred to LBP since actual flight never occurred.

Would this be the proper setup?
I believe that would be the correct setup. It will be seen for 30 and 7 issues. Note: If importing to LBP, LBP will not import the return to gate leg and there the LBP warnings will be inaccurate.
Return to gate is not "flight time"

This is copied directly from ALPA's "Flight Time Limitations & Rest Requirements Guide. It is available free on ALPA's website.


A flight crewmember departs the gate with the intention of flight, taxis to the runway and holds. After 30 minutes, the company cancels the flight and the crewmember returns to the gate. The crewmember "blocks in" 45 minutes after "blocking out." Is the 45 minutes counted as "flight time"?
June 2004


No. Taxi time and ground holding time, which are not followed by actual flight, are not considered "flight time" for purposes of calculating flight time limitations.

So it would NOT affect your 30 in 7 limit. Right?

Your question would best be answered by your Chief Pilot or Union as the situation described is interpreted differently by other airlines. If you do not want to count it as flight or 30/7 times just deselect those boxes in your new payroll category.