Need Info My flight/block time doesn't seem to compute correctly showing over 8 or 9 hrs


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Mar 30, 2007
Hi, I have had some flights that have given me maximum flight/block times. All domestic/flag. Max being either 8 or 9 hrs of flying.

However, I have had some trips were APDL was showing my flight times max of 13+00. Shouldn't it be either 8 or 9 hrs MAx on flaf and domestic flights?

I'm looking at a trip sheet from an Oct 30 flight. My FDP shows a Max of 15+00, but my flight time shows a max of 13+00. We flew 8+54 so still legal for the day, shouldn't APDL give me accurate flight time computations for my schedule as well?

Am I missing a setting in APDL. I have the 117 regs selection on AUTO. I have almost gotten caught a couple times exceeding my block times, when we had a long FDP, and pushed our block times. We caught it, so it was OK.

Any help appreciated on how to set my flight/block times to reflect the regs. I can't fly 13+00 block and be legal.

Send screenshots of what you see.

My first suspicion is you may have logged the flight attendant(s) or other crew names and put them in the "other crew" fields rather than the "cabin crew" fields. That will cause APDL to go into augmented mode because more than 2 cockpit crewmembers were entered.

See this video at 3:45 for more details
Wow Andy, that is correct, with the crew listing setup, I can only add 2 FA's? At SWA we have 3 or 4 FA's. How can I create more cabin crew fields for them? This is most definitely the issue. Ill watch the vid to see if I can correct this from now on.

PS I have looked in my settings screen, I did not see a way to edit the crewmember page.
There is no way to add more flight attendants at this time.

Originally, we did not anticipate that pilots would want to log the flight attendant names. When we realized that was an issue with the auto detection of augmented crews, we added a small section dedicated for flight attendants to address the issue quickly. We may expand this area at a later time but it was not intended to be customized.
Ok Andy, well that explains why my times were screwed up. I have always liked to log all my crew members. I have had some situations were I had to recall who I flew with on a trip months before, to reply to an IR on a PAx issue.

I can go back and look it up on our CWA, but it was easier to search APDL and locate their names. Well, at this time, I guess I'll no longer enter the FA's on the list, or perhaps just our A, then we'll at least have flight times correct.

Hopefully, someday you'll reconsider allowing us to add to the crewmember lists as you do with almost every other category. Definitely, resolved my issue, Thank You. Not real happy for the solution, but now I know why my flight times are screwed up.