Flights not transferring to LBP!


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Jun 24, 2005
Recently with Single Sync 6.1.1 not all the flights are transferring to LBP.

Also, after I enter a flight in APDL and click DONE it asks me to [Enter Actual In Time for flight ####] for every flight.

Why do think this is happening?

Please check your Syc on or After date to ensure it encompasses your data. Also make sure your default A/C is less than 10 characters in length as there is a small bug when the A/C Type set as default in SingleSync is > 10 chars. We expect an update this week to resolve the issue.
Thanks for getting back to me. My Sync date does include the flights I am trying to transfer. It just transfers two out of three flights only on one day out of two. My default a/c is
ERJ-145. Richard J
I am on the 145 as well and that is exactly what my problem is, as seen under another thread. I have tried everything I can think of including reinstalling single sync and APDL in my palm. Hope it's not 145 biased?
We are releasing a patch to SingleSync very soon, hopefully by the end of this week, if not earlier. This should resolve the recent sync to Logbook Pro issues. We are aware of a bug and are working hard to resolve it ASAP. Thank you for your continued patience.
Well, this is going to blow your mind... I was looking to see if anything was out of the ordinary with the logpage in APDL where the flight didn't transfer over to LBP and what I found and the only thing I found was where you input inst time. I had apparently was going to input something there and changed my mind and left it blank ie. no three dashes were present. Well after replacing them I tried to Sync again and all the flights were imported including the missing one. Problem solved!! I guess you can cancel my
support ticket. Thanks anyway!!! Richard :beer: