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Jun 16, 2010

Thanks for putting out an iphone app companion. Maybe now I can leave my old palm at home! I was previously using APDL and I would input the times for each flight as I completed them. When it came time to sync it with LB Pro, it would list all of the flights from one day (i.e. ORD-TYS-ORD-YUL) and the total time for the day on one line in LB Pro. On the iphone version, it seems that it uses a separate line for each leg when imported into LB Pro. Is there any way to format it like the APDL version? I know that you can chose the number of legs, but still only one OOOI group of boxes appears. What's the point of logging more than one leg if you can't enter the individual times for them?

Hello Matt,

I'm glad you like the iPhone app. APDL has a "By LogPage" option which allowed you to enter the days flying into a single line entry. Logbook Pro for the iPhone doesn't have the capability, per se. OOOI times are not required, so you can enter your entire route, the duration for the legs into the duration column, etc. and make it a single line entry that way. OOOI times serve no purpose other than if used for a duration calculation. Even when importing APDL "By LogPage" it didn't import each OOOI time for each leg. Again, once the duration calculation is made, OOOI is unused by Logbook Pro for anything.
Thanks for your quick reply. I understand that the OOOI fields are just for time calculations. I was wondering if there is any way to have the entire day of flying show up on one line in logbook pro instead of each individual leg per line?

You would need to make a single entry in the app that represents your entire day. For example:

Date: 6/16
Type: B737
Ident: N000
Legs: 3
Duration: 10.6

The legs tells Logbook Pro this "entry" represents 3 flights.
Okay. I don't add up times for the entire day and make an entry. I do it by leg. It looks like my palm will be sticking with me for a while longer. I wish the iphone edition came with a trial period like logbook pro did...
We can't do a trial due to the App Store situation. So instead I published not only full documentation but also video tutorials to show the entire application for anyone to get a feel for it prior to purchase. You can of course log by leg and use the OOOI times. I'll also log a feature request to see if we can't do a By LogPage conversion for flights on the same day when it comes down from the My Sync portal. This may be a good intermediate solution. We're also considering adding a few other features to help the airline community in a future update such as a 1.1 version. We've only just begun, we have ideas and we'll continue to grow this product.
Sounds good. I look forward to the updates to this product and hopefully it will be friendlier to the airline community before too long. It seems as if you guys just did such a good job with APDL that it's tough to match.
APDL is a much bigger monster. We can't take three months out of our development schedule right now as Logbook Pro 2011's end of year target release is a priority. We wanted to get the simpler iPhone/iPad app done and to market. We need a lot more time to do the APDL app for obvious reasons, it does a lot more!

Thank you for your understanding.
Any progress?

Hi Neal,

Thanks for the frequent updates to the iPhone app, its coming along nicely! However, I still don't use it due to the logging of one flight per line in lb pro. I was just wondering if there has been any progress with this?

Hello Matt,

Thank you for the kind words. You can log more than one flight in one entry in Logbook Pro PC edition or PDA Companion. The LEGS is the important field that signifies the number of flights the entry represents. The route field is freeform for this very reason. Just enter the flight date, type, ident, and for the route enter each stop for the day: KRIC-KDFW-KLAX-KSEA and enter 3 for the number of legs. Enter your duration for all of the legs and you're done. There is only one set for out/takeoff/landing/in but they are not required fields and serve no purpose other than to calculate duration if used.

Hope this helps. Thanks again.
I was hoping there was a way that the times could be added up automatically. I used this method today on my flights and it worked but a little cumbersome. It would be nice if there was some way to keep a running total of the flights per day. It could use the same OOOI calculations entered after each leg, but just added to the daily total. For example, if three legs are entered in the "legs" box, perhaps there could be three different OOOI pages (selected by swiping a finger across them). Out of these three boxes, the totals could be added up and saved as the day's totals. This is just an idea I had that would be easy to use on the line. I don't really know anything about coding and don't know if it's feasible. This really would be the last step for me to ditch my Palm!
Hi Matt,

I do have a task to add a time calculator so you can put in your series of out/in times (or takeoff/land) for a trip and it will give you the total duration. I don't know if it will make it into 1.1 or not. 1.1 is turning out to be a huge update and it may have to wait for a slightly later build, we'll see, I'll do my best to get it in.

Back to this topic with v2.0. Did you include a way to automatically add up the legs per day and make one entry like the palm version? I noticed that you can collate them per day or per leg. I still have to write down the time per leg and add them up at the end of the day. Am I missing something?

Happy Holidays,

It's at the top of the to-do list, I wanted to get it into 2.0 but it didn't make it. I hope to have it soon. I'm still thinking through how best to go about this, I have a few ideas I want to explore.

Happy Holidays to you too!