ForeFlight Integration


New member
Dec 28, 2011
Just a quick question,
I looked at Logten for ipad and it was well, less than what I expected.

Being that I am a very active GA pilot, I would love to export my flights from foreflight to the logbook so I don't need to worry about an entry.

I know Log10 has this integration. But lets just say their app is not what I expected.

This would truely merge all my apps into a cloud.

pretty soon I will most likely integrate my Airline's scheduler as well.

Thanks again.
Hello Enrique,

We are finishing up our Logbook Pro API which should release near the end of January. At that time anyone can send logbook data to Logbook Pro through this system. I welcome you invite ForeFlight, as you're their customer, to implement our API and of course we'll send them the info as well.

I hope you got your money back for the LogTen app you paid for. Read this article on how to do so.

Happy Holidays