Nov 24, 2002
I would like to know if you have plans for the following in future versions and approximately how far away are they ( and I promise not to hold your feet to the fire on youe estimated time frame).

1) The ability to add any two colums to a third - I assume a custom column.

2) Logbook printouts - The ability to add other times like mountain time, off-shore time, etc... and put them under their own major heading or not.

Video training BTW is great
Hi Robert,

We are looking into option 1, as for the second question, that hasn't been discussed among the beta team at this time. Please explain the use and requirement of this. If it's just for logging a time value, this should be easily accomplished.

As for time frame, no sense in even speculating at this time, end of the year is the closest I can tell you as of now, but that's about as good as me telling you the stock market is going to turn around tomorrow! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I have several additional catagories that I track flight time for and I need to print them out.

'Type of Piloting Time' is where my catagories of Mountain, Off-Shore, Sling, etc need to go but there are not enough counms and the only one that I can take from that catagory is SIC. I could take some colunms from Acft Catagory and Class but they would fall under the Cat. and Class Major heading. Also I would like to have Day and Night Landing befor the Cat. and Calss to match my logbook.

I hope this is clearer and helps show you what I am looking to do. If not, let me know and I will take another shot at it.

Okay, the lightbulb is beginning to flicker. I think what you are asking for is the ability to add columns to the Aircraft configuration area (Options...Aircraft) so you can further break down times by aircraft specifics? Yes, I am planning on adding this capability, we'll see what comes out of the oven though when it's all done, but I think I understand your request now.

Because this is a suggestion for a future version, I am going to move this thread out of the support forum and into the wish list forum. Thank you for your suggestions, good ideas!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Yes Neal...you are right...

However let me go back to my original request/question which was around the printing capability.

I need to print out (via Report) the different catagories of flight time such as - Sling, Off-Shore etc. In the logbook report printing today I can not add the different catagories because the only available columns (i.e. columns that I do not have flight time to report) fall under 'Catagory and Class of Aircraft'heading. Sling time can be flown in any aircraft. What I need to be able to show is the flight time for different cataqgories of work like Sling which is Part 133, so I can show qualifications in order to be able to fly these contracts.

Hope this makes sense.
It sounds to me that you need to be creating a custom Yes/No column named 'Sling.' Whenever you have a flight where you've accomplished a 'Sling' you would 'check' this column and then you can do analysis using the Analyzer, the reports, currencies, etc., based on the Custom Yes/No column. You can add this in the Options...Custom area.

HTH (Hope this Helps)

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.