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Can you provide more information as to what models support your request and do you have any sample data of what is recorded/exported from the unit?


FlightBook is software that's exclusively created for the GPSMAP® 96, GPSMAP 96C, GPSMAP 196, GPSMAP 296, GPSMAP 396 and iQue® 3600a and allows you to create, manage, analyze, save, and print flight data from your unit with an automatic flight tracking feature. This flight data will automatically contain total time, day and night condition times, cross-country and PIC time, departure and arrival locations (airport name and ID), number of landings, aircraft ID, distance, max speed, and max altitude for each flight. Once in FlightBook, the flight data can be updated with additional information, including number of instrument approaches, actual and simulated instrument time, remarks, etc. Totals for the flights can be specified for all flights, select flights, or flights in the last user-specified number of days. Pilot logs can be printed using the "traditional" layout or customized to fit the pilot's needs."

All of their units since the 96 have supported it. The FlightBook is a free download. It's a pretty straight-forward, no-frills, logbook -- but the unit keeps track of everything (route, takeoffs, times, etc.) automatically. I don't know if Garmin gives away the download routines, but there are plenty of free utilities for downloading anything/everything out of Garmin units.

Hope this helps.
Garmin 496 import of flight data

Has anything ever come of the request?
All of the people I know that have Garmins (196-496) really love that feature including me. It is so nice to get home after a trip, especially a multi leg trip, and just push a button and the log book is up to date.
I am sure it would be a MAJOR selling point, especially with Sporty's or King pushing as well.
I would appreciate a response to
or on the forum.
Thank you so much, Patrick.