Hard Drive Crash


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Jun 30, 2002
My notebook computer hard drive crashed. I have all of the data and files, but cannot seem to figure out how to restore everything.

I have the logbook pro files backed up, but have no installation files. I believe my files were version 1.xx.

When I download the files and reinstall the program, it then asks me things that I can't seem to find, like my unlock or registration code. I haven't had to install this for a long long time.

Is this data in my backup files somewhere? Can I just copy the files to where they used to be and hit the logbook pro exe file (I doubt it).

Thanks, Steve Herbets

You will need to download and reinstall Logbook Pro. Please click here to download the latest version of Logbook Pro. After installing LBP and registering your software you may restore your backup (.bak) file by choosing FILE ARCHIVE RESTORE.


When purchasing our products in which an unlock code or serial number is issued, it is important to print and maintain the registration information in the event it is required at a later date. NC Software provides an invoice containing registration data on screen and e-mails a complimentary copy at the time of purchase. Loss of issued registration codes may require purchase of additional license or be subject to a re-licensing fee. For orders placed prior to September 12, 2005, please try our registration recall center to automatically retrieve your registration data. For orders on or after September 12, 2005, your registration data is located on your invoice viewable in the account section of our online store. If unable to retrieve your registration information, please fax proof of purchase including a credit card statement highlighting the charge by NC Software to (804) 601-2401. Proof of purchase (credit card statement) may be mailed to the address listed in our contact section of this web site. Inquiries regarding lost registration information must be submitted via our support center and requires the following information: 1) Order Number, 2) Date of Purchase, 3) Amount of Order, 4) Product(s) purchased. NC Software will reply promptly to arrange the replacement of your registration information. Please do not make inquiries regarding lost registration on our public forums.

If you need any futher assistance plase submit a help ticket at our support center.

After installing LBP and registering your software you may restore your backup (.bak) file by choosing FILE ARCHIVE RESTORE.

I have a new hard drive and just downloaded and installed Logbook Pro on it.

However, Logbook Pro won't let me register my software. I still have the program installed on my old hard drive but cannot uninstall it because that drive crashed.
Disregard my previous post.

I was copying my unlock code for APDL into LBP's registration pop-up.

What a dumbass, I know.