Hard drive failure


Dec 9, 2011
Reinstalled after a hard drive crash. Unfortunately my back up files were on a partition, I thought I would be safe having my stuff there temporarily until I backed them up elsewhere.

Anyhow, I uploaded a synch for my phone before the crash, is there any way I can restore my files from that?

Hi Jeff,

Very sorry to hear of this, hard drives are the most common thing to go in a computer, any computer! You may want to consider our cloud backup service in the future so you can keep backups off-site on our servers which have multiple fail-over and backup systems. You would just click File..Backup to Cloud and that's it!

You can resync your device information. If it's Android, just long press any of the items and select the "Mark All as Unsynced". If it's an Apple device tap each item and then tap SAVE and that will requeue it to be synced again.

Best of luck! If there's any way to access files on your drive try to find either your .LBK file or .BAK file.
I'm not sure if you are reading me right. I was looking to see if there was a way to restore my PC files from my last synch.

In other words, if I purchased the cloud system now would there be anything in there from my last phone synch that I could restore my PC with.

The data on my Android phone is still intact. The long press thing does not work on my RAZR.

I am away from home in school, I normally backup to an external hard drive when there, however just my just my luck I never backed up my Logbook before I left.

What version of Android OS is your Razr using? I'm not sure why long press is not bringing up the context menu.

The only data that you can recover is that which is on your Android device by resyncing it.

You would have to have submitted a backup to the cloud backup system for it to be available, it is not an automatic backup system.
It is running 2.3.5 on the Razr

Understood on the cloud system.

I *thought* I understood the synching with the phone but maybe I'm not.

I synched my phone with the synch button at top of screen.

The summary file on the phone still shows all my flights. If I understand the phone app correctly I can't see any logbook entries with it however I can make logbook entries with it and resynch to the desktop.

I resynched my desktop last night but no data is available to be seen in the desktop.

Am I doing this right, or understanding it right ?

Am I doomed to type all my log entries in again ?

On your Android app you should be able to view the Flights you have on the device if you did not purge them. Long press any one of those flights and a menu will appear, choose the option to Mark All as Unsynced. Go back to the Home Screen and tap Sync.

Login to http://logbookpro.com/sync and you should see your Android flights staged in the cloud.

From your PC click Cloud Sync / Sync Now and those Android flights should be pulled from the cloud and inserted into your PC logbook.