Need Info 12 months of data disapear???


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Feb 16, 2019
12 months of data disappear???

I have about 12 months of data that has disappeared. There is a gap from 9/26/2017 to 10/26/2018 where there is no data logged on
my desktop version. On my Android version some of the data is there ranging from 6/17/2018 up to the current time. Those flights will not
sync though.

Has something been corrupted?

What would cause those flights to disappear?

I have several back up files through that period. I have not done a restore from any of them as I don't want to fowl things up further
without getting advice first.


Logbook Pro Professional Edition
version 1.16.9
DB version 1017

LB Pro Android version 7.2.0

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It's actually not possible for "some" data to disappear. If all was gone, typically a file system issue occurred and we can help recover it. This type of issue typically occurs when someone restores a backup from a prior date but I know you said you didn't do any restores. Make sure no filters are active, try generating a flight log report and see if the data is there and just not displaying in the data entry area. Do you have a recent backup that may have the data? If so you could backup your current file and restore the most recent backup to review. If you want us to look at your data file feel free to submit a support ticket on the help desk and include your latest backup and details of where you're not seeing the data as expected.