Need Info Certificates/ratings/history not syncing


Feb 23, 2015

I searched the knowledge base and this forum, and I can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong. My apologies if my question has already been answered and I missed it.

I entered all my certificates (ATP, CFII, etc), ratings, and history events (medical, CFI renewal, etc) in the desktop version of Logbook Pro, and when I sync the Android Logbook Pro app, none of those appear in the app. When I open the app, Certificates, Ratings, and History all read "0." Am I doing something wrong, or do I need to enter those manually in the mobile app if I want to refer to that info from within the app? It is sometimes handy to be able to reference that information on the go.


Please refer to Documentation - Logbook Pro Mobile (Android) - WIKI

DATA is one way sync from app to desktop allowing you to add new information while away from your PC. There are other articles for other tips such as:

How to have your entire flight log on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device

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Got it. I missed that part from the documentation, although I suspected it might be due to a one-way sync. Thanks and sorry for asking something I could have answered myself from thoroughly reading the instructions!