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Oct 30, 2007
I keep track of my medical, PC, CFI renewal, etc in logbook pro.

However, some of the dates are not as user friendly as they could be.

For instance. My CFI was to expire in Sep, but I renewed in July. My history says my CFI now expires 31July13, which is surely not the case since I renewed it in the grace months. It still expires 30Sep13.

My Medical; I got another 1st class today. My other wasn't expired, it was just not valid for a second class. Also, all my previous medicals now show red since they are expired. If there was some option that would update the previous class medical when a new one was obtained (or something like that) and the red would be removed it would be good IMO. It could also be used for a FLight Review, airline PC, etc. Just some way to get rid of all the red once you are in compliance again.

Another is I have a special issuance which makes my medical "not good for any class" after one year. That is another issue I would like to see a change in if possible.
Hi Sean,

You want to leave the old entries as it's just a record of when you had medicals, flight reviews, etc. Logbook Pro will find the latest entry for each event and use that. So if you have a medical done last year and then another one today, ADD the one you just had done as a new entry. The expirations are determined based on the configuration in Options/History. If you need to set a date manually you can, then leave that entry alone. Logbook Pro doesn't step down medicals yet, i.e. Class I to II to III based on time.

Hope this helps.