help with import!


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Apr 29, 2005
I keep getting this error mesage even though I make sure and edit it into date format every way I know how. its also doing this on numerical columns like flt time. what up wit dat?

The target for the column selected is a DATE data type and the source does not validae a Date format. The import selection is not valid, please check your selection.
The common causes are:

1) In the second import wizard dialog the checkbox that the first row contains column headers was not clicked
2) Attempting to import data in either the Date, OUT/IN, or Takeoff/Landing columns are not conformant to the proper date format (M/d/yyyy) that Logbook Pro requires

hopefully this uploads, but could you take a look at my .csv file and see if you see the prob. I'm still not exactly sure whats going on. ps i didn't mention it earlier but the file is being exported by captains log 2000... are there compatibility issues, shouldnt those be nullified if converting to a common format? .....
I changed the format of the Date to M/d/yyyy, see if that works. I also saved this as a TAB delimited text file as with a comma delimited import you're going to have problems. I saw the use of commas in the remarks and that will cause troubles. Always use TAB delimiters if possible.

still getting the same errors, also getting this for duration, night, inst, and every numerical column.

Should I remove all commas, is that what your saying...?

Thanks a million for the help btw
WOW I'm a moron! when all else fails read...or watch the instructions :p

Problem came from not telling it that 1st row was titles!

Thanx anyway