Help with Professional Edition


Jul 8, 2004
I dont want to admit it but im confused.

I purchased LBP Professional Edition. After spending some time entering @1000 or so hours from my paper log on my PC I installed LBP on my brother's PC while I was there on a long layover. I successfull added data from my paper log to his PC and then saved it to a CD. At home I restored the data from the CD and it all worked great. When I did this the 2nd time on my PC a window poped up on the screen that said I needed to update my LBP. The window gave me 4 options 1. Run The Sync Wizard 2. Run the update manager 3. Backup logbook 4. Quit Logbook.I clicked on Run the sync wizard and it asked me if I had a PDA in the cradle, if so remove it. At this point I clicked "ok" and LBP simple Quit. When I opened up LBP again I got the same result.

Afterposting a msg on this forum Neil answered by sayinghe would need my bro to email the .bak to him and then Neil would email it back to me. Also my bro (a non pilot)was required to uninstallLBP (why do I need to uninstall if I have the Professional Edition). We did this and now I have Neil's email with the .bak file. I opened LBP and I still get the same window that wont let me access the program.

There must be a simple fix to this and I would really like to find it.

What did you save to and transfer from the CD? The only file that can be moved is the DATA file which is the LBK file or the BAK backup archive. You cannot copy the program files of Logbook Pro from one computer to another. If you have the data file on the CD, copy the LBK file to your hard drive. Make sure when copying from a CD that the file is NOT read-only, which you can do by right-clicking it and choosing properties, then removing the read-only attribute. It should then be available for use on your computer. The message you sent me stated you were unable to SYNC the file from your brothers computer to your computer and I responded that it wasn't possible as in order to SYNC two PC files only a Master and Clone of the master can be sync'd. I suggest uninstalling Logbook Pro, rebooting, reinstalling and restoring your data file for use.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled @ 3 times now. When I click to open LBP the program opens and immediately a window pops up saying I need to update LBP. At the bottom of this window I get 4 options: 1. Run The Sync Wizard 2. Run The Update 3. Backup Logbook 4. Quit LBP. If I press option 1 or 2 a window pops up stating that if I have a PDA in the cradle to take it out, I click 'ok' and LBP closes. IM STUCK. _I cannot get past this window_. I cannot get to the restore function.

When using his PC I saved my data at the end of a input session, closed LBP opened his CD burning Software and burned the backup files (.bak) to the disk.
What do you mean by 'Saved my Data at the end...' There is no SAVE operation in Logbook Pro. The only thing that should be done is File..Archive..Backup if you wish to archive. You should not archive from Logbook Pro directly to a CD but instead to your hard drive, then use an external program to copy to a CD. Typically .BAK files fit on a floppy FYI and you can archive directly to a floppy.

The file you are attempting to restore from the CD may be corrupt causing the error you are getting. I sent you a procedure via e-mail to reset Logbook Pro. Then restore the BAK file I e-mailed you yesterday. I'm not sure what you're trying to retrieve from the a CD as I e-mailed you the data file backup.