Here we go again?


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Jan 7, 2004
I have the latest version and LBP will not let me import a csv file and the analyzer will not work either. I had this problem before and was able to use a manual bat file to do something but I'm not sure if this will work with 1.9.8. Also I have to do this every time LBP stops working right a bit of a pain. Is there something that would be stoping this from working like anti spyware or something like that?

I'm not sure why it isn't working on your computer. You should be able to run the manual register if required. There have been no other reports of problems such as this.

Well this seems to be a problem. What can I do to try and figure this out? Is there a way to tell if something else is could be causing the problem or some way for me to check out LBP to see what is not working?
The only thing I can suggest is to uninstall then reinstall or run a REPAIR from the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area. You can do so by beginning the uninstall process for Logbook Pro but choose REPAIR instead of REMOVE. Other than that you may want to run the manual register bat file but I have no idea why this isn't working on your computer.

Computers with all the updates going on (Windows Update), anti-virus, spyware, security, firewalls just makes these things impossible to detect. No two computers are alike these days and it's really becoming up to the computer 'pilot' to figure out Windows unfortunately! It's a sad situation and probably why MAC is coming back to life, but this is the age of computers we have to live with today. The next version of Logbook Pro will not have these issues as it will run in a more isolated environment and not be affected by the issues we have at hand today.

Well thats kinda freaky. The repair worked. I'm not sure what is going on either but what a pain in the butt this is turning out to be repairing everytime I want to import something. I'm looking forward to the new version and a new PDA version with a spreadsheet type of layout to enter flights so I wont have to import from excel anymore.