hotel phone number

Ditto.. also have a database of the hotels would be handy.. Right now having a hotel number just for that night and not connected to the cities where the overnight is, makes me never use this function and always having to refer to my paper schedule from work.

So, yes :

1. database fr hotels connected to cities (with sometimes having more than one hotel per city)

2. being able to dial the number chosen.

3. have the ability to build our own hotel database and/or edit it for changes.

Goodluck !

I have the treo 600. Right now the hotel imports correct for me for each layover. It would be nice to just click to dial. I would also like to be able to dial van transportation(incase it is different then the hotel) and company operations.
I agree... I have APDL and Treo 650... would be nice to either cut and paste the phone number or be able to dial it right from the Hotel info screen...
You can do that with a program called Phone Technician. If you already have it, just enable "easy dial". It is available at many Treo software sites, and has many useful features for your Treo. I use it all the time to dial the hotel from the APDL hotel page.
Here Here - I have a XV6700 and if I could just use the APDL copy function and then paste in my phone dial pad that would be awesome. I can only use copy and paste from other WM 5.0 programs the APDL copy will not work .
The ability to automatically dial the Hotel phone number from the Hotel page gets my vote!
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I sent in a ticket about it and was asked to put it on the wish list. It's got my vote! I'm not sure what to think of the wish list though. This thread has been open since 2002.
I'm not sure what to think of the wish list though. This thread has been open since 2002.

The wish list is where you post your feature requests. It does not mean we will implement it but it allows us to review your requests and we'll decide if/when it will be implemented.