hotsynching misses a month.


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Feb 9, 2008
i usually hotsynch my apdl to the logbook pro from my PDA at the end of every month. this time i had part of december and first part of feb in addition to january to import to logbook pro. the problem is, its not posting up Januarys flights in logbook pro after teh whole synching. ive tried to alter the dates to synch and no dice. so ive got a momnth missing. ideas on how to make it happen?

i didnt know wich forum to put it in as theres not one for both working together, just one or the other.

all help appreciated.
Make sure your Palm Username is set correctly in the PDA Wizard and also HotSync is configured per the KB article below:

As a last resort, try the following, then HotSync again and run the PDA Wizard:

1) Open Windows Explorer
2) Go to C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\Backup
3) MOVE (not delete) all files out of this folder to another location, such as C:\Temp\Palm Files

HotSync and re-run the PDA Wizard.

If you continue to have a problem syncing please send us your PDASyncLog.txt file from C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro
this is the synch report generated. the xxxxxxxx's are to cover my name. the palm id and software id are matching correctly. i see "skip it" on some entries here i dont understand but the part i do must mean thats where my problem is. i dont know why its doing it this way tho.
i tried moving the files out of that folder as you described.
no change in behavior so heres my log file.
ive never had this problem before.

** Logbook Pro Sync Started 2/9/2008 11:50:18 AM **
Logbook Pro 1.10.26 Registered to xxxxxxxx
APDL Sync Engine: 1.4
APDL Device Registered to: xxxxxxxx
Palm HotSync Username: xxxxxxxx
Palm Store: C:\Program Files\Palm\xxxxxxxx
AutoFill Disabled
Default A/C Type: EMB-145
Sync Crew --> Do Not Sync
Sync Hotel --> Do Not Sync
Sync Trip # --> Append in Remarks Column
Sync Flight # --> Do Not Sync
Date Filter: Flights Between...
Date Window: Between 1/1/2008 AND 1/31/2008
APDL Legacy Reports Bypassed
Data Purge: DELETE * FROM tblLog WHERE tblLog.LogDate BETWEEN #1/1/2008# AND #1/31/2008# AND tblLog.RouteTo='APDL'
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200501.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200608.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200707.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200708.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200709.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200710.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200711.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200712.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200801.PDB-Use it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200802.PDB-Skip it!
UTF Check on AirlineLog-200802.PDB-Skip it!
** Logbook Pro Sync Ended 2/9/2008 11:50:19 AM **
Log Closed - Sync Duration: 1 seconds.

awaiting solutions.
thanks for the prompt replys!!
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Please follow all steps as outlined in my prior reply. The problem is usually HotSync is not overwriting the files on the PC side which could be a HotSync configuration issue. Clearing the folder, re-HotSyncing should clear the issue.