• Apple released iOS 16 today (Sept 12). As of this writing initial testing reveals no issues with APDL or Logbook Pro.

Crew Name "bug" and Approach Types not transferring


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Jun 20, 2005

I am new to this forum and a new user of both APDL and Logbook Pro. I am blown away by the transformation in my ability to track and log time with this software! Thanks for a great set of products!

I noticed in APDL that it only seems to allow you to list one crew member per day! Sometimes I may fly with two or three different first officers a day! It would be handy to be able to list a crew name for each leg as opposed to one a day. I have been working around that by entering a crew change note in the notes section.

Also, I noticed that when transferring data (synching) to Logbook Pro, the approach type doesn't seem to transfer,only the number 1 indicating that an approach was performed.

FRIDAYY mentioned the flight number issue in a previous post. We discovered that one while flying together last month. He's the guy I have to blame for spending all this (well-spent) money on your software!