How add another aircraft category and class to logbook?


Feb 27, 2002
Hi Neal,

I need add ULLa (Ultra Light Airplanes) category to my logbook. I already set for this aircraft category and class to ULL in card options\aircraft but I don?t know why I can not see the ULL column in logbook. In options\flight log\config display I can not add nothing new.

Thank you for help
Items in the Options...Aircraft do not show up as a column in the logbook area as you do not need to log flight time for these items--Logbook Pro will automatically calculate times for you. When you enter a Duration for aircraft X, Logbook Pro automatically applies this Duration to all features of that aircraft. Checkout the report Aircraft...Aircraft Configuration Totals Summary as well as the report Flight Log...Percentages Summary and you'll see the information automatically calculated for you.

If you want to add columns to log items as you desire, they need to be entered in Options...Custom.

Please review the included documentation by clicking Help...Contents for information that will answer this type of question for you.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.