Logbook Pro and Crossover


Nov 15, 2001
I recently started using Crossover on my Mac because Parallels and the VM started to drag my machine to a crawl. This allows me to use the other few windows apps I need without running two operating systems simultaneously. When I installed Logbook Pro, the Logbook screens (both windows and spreadsheet view) work correctly showing all my chosen columns and the correct data. However, the totals in the summary bar are not correct (huge numbers with bigger exponents), the Analyzer screen opens but is blank (nothing displayed) and none of the reports work. Even the lookback summaries are incorrect, mostly showing zero's. Does anyone else have this experience?


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Crossovers is not supported...

Logbook Pro Desktop requires Windows, however, it's very easy to run Windows on a Mac. There are products that allow you to run Windows directly within Mac OS X such as VMWare Fusion, Parallels, or you can easily partition your hard drive to dual boot Mac or Windows.

For more information please see:

I recently started using Crossover on my Mac because Parallels and the VM started to drag my machine to a crawl.

I'm not sure how this could be, that has never been the case in my experience with VMWare Fusion. Have you contacted Parallels to get support? I would imagine Parallels is like Fusion and runs like any app and you shouldn't even notice it running. Memory consumption is minimal unless you have your VM configured incorrectly using too much RAM or too high of processors. In the case of Fusion typically 2 processors and 8 GB of RAM is sufficient for anything.
It is a 6 year old machine trying to run MacOS AND Windows. Somedays are better than others but I wanted to get rid of that whole windows infrastructure, which has worked for the few other windows apps and games I have, except Logbook Pro. Since Crossover installs all the parts of windows that LBP needs, it should add correctly. Just curious if you knew why it isn't working. I would think this would be a better option, once it works, for Mac Users since one doesn't need a full windows Machine inside our Macs.
It's never worked correctly so Crossover must be missing elements. We checked into it years ago with them, moral was not supported. VMWare Fusion works great, never used Parallels but heard good things about it. Again, it's all how a VM is configured and how much resources it will draw from the Mac.