How do I adjust duty/FDP after cancellations?


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Jun 28, 2004
Phoenix, AZ
After reporting to the airport and boarding passengers today, I had a mechanical issue that cancelled that flight, and then I had the other flight I was scheduled to work today dropped, as I was not there to work it.

I believe I should have FDP from my show at 1140 until I was released to go to the hotel at 1500, since I reported with the intention of flying. How do I modify my day in APDL to match this?

Tap the duty line right above the first leg. Enter the appropriate times there.

The duty on time won't be adjustable, but in your case you reported to the airport so that's what you want. If you have a flight cancel prior to reporting, choose "canceled prior to duty" which will allow you to adjust the duty on time to a time after the scheduled departure time.

That should work for you. Let me know if it doesn't.
I've tried that, but it doesn't seem to save my change. I've tried choose "adjust duty time" and not doing so before hitting save, but nothing seems to change that time of 1844.

Also, it doesn't show any FDP, but it should, shouldn't it, since we showed with the intention of flying, even though we didn't actually fly?
That is the correct method to use to adjust the duty time. It must be a bug we missed in an update at some point.

Tapping "adjust duty time" sets the duty times to the correct report and release after your flights based on your settings, that's not what you want in this case.
You can change the scheduled times of the legs so the duty times work out. To keep the payroll correct for the cancellations if applicable, use a pay adjustment entry.