How do you delete multiple entries?


New member
Sep 1, 2012
I have about 4 years worth of entries to delete. I don't want to go through each entry one by one and delete them. How can you select multiple entries and delete them all at once?
Any help would be appreciated

Hello Nick,

Yes, you sure can. First BACKUP (File..Backup to File) just in case. The far left column in the spreadsheet log is the date column. The "button" to the left of that is the row header where you see little indicators appear such as when you click in a row. Click that row header on the first row in the range, then SHIFT + CLICK on the last row in the range to delete. That will select the range of rows, then click the red delete X on the toolbar (or press delete on the keyboard) and you can delete the rows. You can also selectively choose rows by CTRL + CLICK the row headers.

Hope this helps...