HTC Touch Pro 2 Screen Compatible?


May 4, 2005
Hi, I'm considering the Verizon/HTC Touch Pro 2 to replace my Samsung i760. The screen size is 480x800 pixels, WVGA resolution. Will APDL PPC work on this screen size?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Scott,

It should work but your best bet is to download a free trial from our web site to ensure satisfaction and compatibility prior to purchase. Also check the return policy on your device which with Verizon it's typically 30 days at least in my area.
It works on my TP2 with one exception. On MY phone apdl has a memory leak. The program will not remember any information I put in today. It only remembers yesterday and prior. I've tried changing ROMs, reinstalling apdl, redownloading another apdl, not inputing any of my backup information...nothing works. It only remembers yesterday and older. Everything runs perfect on the phone but apdl. Just my experience. Yours may (and probably will be) different.

Hello Blake,

That is not a memory leak, but let's try and get your problem resolved. After you make changes to a log page try tapping S to force a save. Also, when done try tapping Options...Exit to close out the software and also force a save. If the problem remains please submit a support ticket and include a zip file of your APDL files and we'll take a look. This month's log data may be corrupt.
Thanks Neal, I usually just entered my times, hit DONE, and pressed the BACK button to return to the HTC home screen. Now when I enter my times I hit S then scroll down to OPTIONS and press EXIT. A bit more of a hassle but it works. I tried to just hit S but the times didn't save. I tried just OPTIONS/EXIT and that didn't save them either. Only S then OPTIONS/EXIT saves the times. Sidebar: When I hit S I get an error message "Error! Please check your Standard Payrate, Aircraft Payrate, and Payroll Category settings. Unable to calculate payrate. I have all those set to the same payrate.

Another issue with the TP2. When using the onscreen keyboard to enter information in some PREFERENCES screens the keyboard covers up the DONE button. To get to the DONE button I have to hit the BACK button to exit APDL and reopen the program. APDL opens to the screen I just left but without the onscreen keyboard. Only then can I hit DONE and continue using APDL. A buddy of mine from PPCgeeks and XDA Devolpers says it's a program-specific thing. Can APDL force the keyboard to minimize when I tap the screen when entering PREFERENCES? The keyboard will minimize on screen tap when I enter my times.

Hi Blake,

I'm glad you are figuring out what is needed for your PPC. As to the keyboard issue, this is something that v7 will address when that time comes. The keyboard handling as it is now can be a bit intrusive but the fix is not easy. I prefer to defer the fix for the complete rewrite coming in v7.

Thank you for your feedback.