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IFR Currency

Mar 15, 2004
On 2/10/04 I loggedIFR approaches. Logbook Pro (1.9.5) correctly added the approaches to the total. The currency report stated "Instrument Approaches (Last Met: 2/10/2004 / Expires . . .", "Instrument Holds (Last Met: 10/20/2003 / Expires . . .".

On 2/17/04 I added two holds and two additional approaches. Logbook Procorrectly added the approaches to the total.The currency report stated "Instrument Approaches (Last Met: 2/10/2004 / Expires . . .", "Instrument Holds (Last Met: 2/17/2004 / Expires . . .".

Why does the currency report not reflect 2/17/2004 as the Last Met date?
It's hard to answer accurately without seeing your currency configuration. However, the answer is probably that you have to look at a currency from the latest date and count back to when you met the requirement. For example, if you require 6 approaches in X days, you do 2 in January, 2 in February, and 2 in March, your currency is as of January, which is the part of the equation containing the 6 approaches, not when you did your last, but when you started the series of 6. The same with 3 TO & L's in 90 days. If you did one Jan 1, one Feb 1, one Mar 1, your 3 TO & L's in 90 days is as of when you have your 'set of 3' and your currency then is as of Jan 1, not Mar 1. Now if you did 3 on Mar 1, then the currency would reflect as of Mar 1 + 90 days.

Bottom line, look at the configuration of your two currency's, one for apps and one for holds. Count back to the date in which you completed the total number required for the currency, THAT DATE is your 'Last Met' date. Expires is THAT DATE + the duration of the currency.

You answer makes sense and, in fact, my interpretationof the report is at fault. I validated the currency (approaches and holds) as you explained. Cockpit trouble! Thank you.