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May 28, 2011
Loaded the new Android App and all looks good.... execpt.....

My currency. I have rules set up for instrument currency, and single- and multi-engine day and night currency.

My instrument currency expires: 13/10/2012
My single-engine day expires: 12/10/2011
My single-engine night expires: 05/10/2011

Problem is that on my PC all these currencies show that they expire in the future (i.e. green), which is correct.
In the android app, they show the instrument currency as an unknown format, the single-engine day is fine, and the single-engine night is already expired.

My multi-engine currencies are actually expired, so I won't bother with them for now.

I think the problem lies in that the currency calculator uses dd/mm/yyyy as the format, but the android app is trying to report them as mm/dd/yyyy which is messing it up.

Is there something I can do to fix this, or is it a bug?

On an aside, is there anyway to enter zero (0) legs? Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see the purpose for entering any legs for simulator training.


Hello Dave,

This is not a bug, it's as you alluded. The device and PC have to use the same date formats for the system settings. You can go to the Windows Control Panel / Regional Settings and check your region and date settings, make sure your device matches and once they do it should work for you.

Legs is required, a LEG is a FLIGHT. In my opinion even your simulator is a "flight" so you should log at least one leg. If you want to bypass this you can go into Settings/Flight Log and turn off (uncheck) error checking and then the validation system will be bypassed and you can enter whatever you want.
Ahh yes, that fixed the problem (currency).

As for sim time, I guess it seems a bit strange to log it as a leg, since I can't log it as flight time, nor PIC time. Not really a big problem.

Thanks for the quick answer,