import a day sleep with a redeye on the last leg.


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Mar 1, 2006
Hello Paul,

TH 351JFK-BUR06451000 0615 0615 06150730BUR 1000 D-END: 1015L (RR 900) REPT: 2015LHoliday In(818)841-4770TH 358BUR-JFK21000500 0500 0500 05000600 D-END: 0515L T.A.F.B.: 2330

I have tried to import the above trip and not sure how it should be imported. Would this be considered a COD trip? This would set off 2 flags in the software if I set it up as a COD. This was pulled down from FLICA. I am also not importing the trip date when I sync to the palm. When I open APDL on the palm I get the question and calender to confirm what date I want to import this trip to.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Thanks Josh, how about the trip date not importing? I can't change it on the web import tool.
O right. With our Flica capture, we don't capture the date. I think there are some schedules where that date is unconfirmed or something. Several airlines use this format so it has something to do with at least one of the airlines that use this format.