Import errors


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May 21, 2005
I have done a CSV import into Logbook Pro. It has for some reason changed my aircraft type associated with certain N Numbers. It happens that some Airplanes' N numbers are the same on two Different Airplanes and types. The airplane gets sold and new airplane of a different type has the same N numbers as the old one. Three specific problems.

1 When the aircraft type is changed ithe the respective column it picks a different N number. this changes the N number and often totally corrupts the data entry fields for totals and entries associated with the field.

2 After the import of the CSV file all entries are associated with a C182 and it is really and Embraer 135, 140 or 145. What have I done? All my data is completely safe in it's origional format. So at worst I can reimnport the data once the corrections are made.

3 When hotsyncing my "Airline Pilot's Daily Log" by Auman Software using the ALPDL sync utility It keeps all data as origionally imported and I can't get the individual legs to separate out. Some days I fly five or more legs and on different airplaneswithdifferent tail numbers. Logbook Pro only shows a a series of stops and only uses the N Number of the first airplane flown for the day.



When performing an import, Logbook Pro will not affect any previous entries. If you change a A/C Type at any time and the N-Number in the cell is not a match, it will autofill to the last N-Number used for this type. This is 'by design' and cannot be disabled at this time.

I suggest attaching your CSV file so it can be reviewed, or e-mail it to I see no way Logbook Pro can criss-cross N-Numbers as it is simply reading line-by-line and the import process is very simple technically speaking.

For the APDL issue, please contact Auman Software ( for assistance with this inquiry.

The Puzzle is that when I used the Hot Sync to import the data, Several Aircraft were msidentified as the wrong type. I had the correct N number but when I changed the type from a EMB 145 to a EMB 140 the N Number somehow changes.
The N-Number changing is 'by design.' Whenever a Type is changed, Logbook Pro prepares the N-Number/Ident list for tail numbers associated with that type. As your logbook gets populated, this will most likely not be an issue. But until Logbook Pro gets a history of N-Numbers that you've flown, you may see this when changing A/C Types.