IMPORT from .CSV misorders entries on same date


New member
Aug 13, 2004
I imported a large number of entries from a .CSV file. Some of those entries had identical dates. The indentically dated entries were ordered in the .CSV file in flight order. After being imported into LogbookPro the identically ordered entries were no longer ordered in the same order as they were originally in the .CSV file.

I would have thought the the order of imported items would be maintained. This seems to be a bug.

Now that the entries are misordered in my flight log in LogbookPro is there a way to reorder those entries?

Hi Dale,

Using Logbook Pro should import in the order of the CSV data. When entering a flight, whether by import or manually, a time stamp is recorded with date and time and this is how Logbook Pro sorts, by date, then time. The only way to correct this after an import is complete is to either attempt a reimport, ensuring the source data is ordered properly, or write down the flight data for the day that is in error, delete the entries and re-enter them manually.