import seat from APDL


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APDL Beta Team
Mar 1, 2006
I tried to search for this question in the forums but can't find any discussion on this. I am looking for some help with importing seat in type (CA or FO) into LBP from APDL so it will show SIC or PIC in type on LBP. Anyone have any ideas or is manually editing the logbook entries after the import easier. For example; APDL records FO-PF-DAY or CA-PNF-NIT and LPB just has a PIC or SIC column. Any one know how to import (FO-PF-DAY) to show as SIC in LBP?
If you are using the "PDA Sync Wizard" from within Logbook Pro, then al FO-XXX-XX fields will autofill to SIC, and any CA-XXX-XX fields will autofill to PIC.