Imported old logbook


New member
Apr 13, 2004
I have all of my time logged from day one on an old program called MentorPlus Flitelog. Am I lucky enough that there is a way to import all of this data easily into Logbook Pro?? Thanks in advance.

I'm not familiar with the product or what may be used to store the data. If you are able to export the data so that it is readable in some fashion, in a program such as Microsoft Excel, then you could get your data to Logbook Pro using the Import Wizard. Once your data is in a Excel readable format, format the layout as close as you can to Logbook Pro's Jeppesen Style entry layout. Then save the Excel file as a TAB delimited text file and use the Import Wizard to import your data.

If you are unsure, zip compress your data file(s) from your prior program and e-mail the ZIP file to support for review.