Imported Times do not match


Aug 24, 2005
I would like to import my scheduled times in zulu because the post flight report shows zulu times but the times are always off a couple of hours and I have tried several times to fix the problem but I can't seem to figure out what exactly I need to do please help me with the correct selection for importing my scheduled times. All times are predicated on central time I have selected apply daylight savings time and when using the APDL Schedule I have selected import times in zulu. Please help


When I import my times they are imported in the local time zones so if I have zulu selected in my handheld it shows the local time. When I select local time it show shows a difference of 6 hours between the what was imported with zulu selected and what the local time is showing. Example would be import a pairing with a start time of 1800 and off time of 1913. Zulu in selected on my APDL and when I seclect local or logbook + 5 hours is show my times as 2400 and 0113 respecfuly. I thought that all pairings should be shown in zulu if zulu time was to be used.


Sorry for the delay, just got back for MIA and Katrina.

Let me break down the problem into two parts, importing and viewing\editing


On the 'Timezone Settings' preference page set 'Import Schedules in ?' to
'Local' (This setting refers to the timezone of the original trip, pairing,
or roster) 90% of schedules are now in 'Local'. If your schedules are in
'Zulu' choose 'Zulu'.

Set 'Logbook Timezone' to the timezone you want all flight times converted
to for record keeping. This will also be the timezone that all 'View'
screens will display the times in. In your case 'Zulu'.

If 'Import Schedules in ?' is set to 'Local' you must enter a valid UTC
value for each airport in your Airport List.


On the 'Logpage' screen you can select 'LOGBOOK','ZULU','DOMICILE','LOCAL'
from the TIMEZONE menu (PPC) or tap on the Logbook Timezone selector on the
title bar (Palm) to choose one of these views. Selecting 'LOCAL' will allow
you to view and edit any time relative to its location. Selecting 'ZULU',
each time is in Zulu. Selecting 'Logbook (UTC-?)' will display all times in
the logbook timezone.

All other pages displaying times in APLD are in the 'Logbook Timezone'

In your case, select 'Zulu' on the main logpage to view\edit times in Zulu.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.