Importer problems


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Jun 6, 2005
I haven’t flown much this year, but when I have, I haven’t been able to use the schedule importer within APDL. When I try, this is what I get, regardless of what trips are on my schedule.


I have, as it suggests, tried every filter for my airline (JetBlue), and get the same result every time. This has always worked fine for me. Did something happen or am I doing something wrong? I will submit a ticket.
I have tried that successfully, but I haven't had to do this in the past, and prefer not to. I submitted a ticket, and heard back today. I guess the difference is that I am on reserve now and must not have been in the past. It was explained to me that the check schedule functionality doesn't work for reserves. I thought I had remembered that it had worked for me on reserve in the past, but it must not have.
I have a similar problem as when importing using the APDL toolkit it say no trip is found. I have tried the month and the individual trip no luck. It always worked before until I updated my iPhone to 16.1 now the only way is to cut and paste to Not happy. Ticket submitted with no solution.
I’m having a similar problem - no trips found when attempting to use the APDL toolkit. It works using cut and paste, minus hotel data.
Please submit a help ticket on our helpdesk. Please also send a copy of your FLICA schedule from FLICA.

Note: Check schedule may not import with Reserve on other non-pairing codes on the schedule.

Flying assigned during a RAP should be manually entered into APDL to preserve the RAP and ensure proper FAR tracking

Flying assigned outside of the RAP can be imported using by copying from the pairing number through crew names and pasting into the online importer.
For those with Check Schedule issues since iOS 16's release we have identified the issue and we should have a public beta out soon and once testing is completed we will update the App Store with a new release.

Thank you for your patience and reports with this issue affected by a change Apple made.