importing CSV data


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Mar 30, 2007
I truely hope you guys/gals have better luck than I did.

PIA to manually enter 403 records!

Good Luck! To anyone else working with CSV data

You shouldn't have to work with CSV data. Maybe your fellow SWA pilots here can guide you in where they are getting their trip data and how to import it in There are several posts here about it already if you search or browse this forum.
Neal. As I posted in my last and final entry of my ticket. Our CWA will only allow us to go back. 6mos!

Hence, why I was trying to get the CSV data to work. It came from our pilot's union, it goes back through the entire year of 2014.
APDL indicated it can import CSV format, it does not do so properly.

Royal PIA to enter 403 entries! I'll eventually get it done, just time consuming, but will have the data needed for the 1000 hr lookback.


The issue is not the importing of FUTURE trips, but the importing of HISTORICAL data. Our union maintains a real-time logbook, but obviously doesn't do anything WRT 117 information. What David's looking to do is import his OLD data from the union logbook so that his upcoming 117 forecasts will be more accurate, rather than starting from 0.0 when he initiates the program.

Does this make sense?

Hi Jim,

Yes, there is a filter that imports the CSV data. If there is an issue please create a support ticket on the help desk. We will continue to do our best to support the data but if anything will not import it may need to be entered manually. David's had various formats in the massive data sent in, as explained to him it's best to break it into smaller chunks, import what you can, report to us what is not working, clearly.