Importing flight logs


Jul 28, 2005
Question #1

I have my logbook in a microsoft excel spreadsheet. I try to import it to logbook pro and it will not work. Anyone have any advice as to what i may be doing wrong?

Question #2

Using Palm companion; wheneverI do an entry in the logbook, I have to enter the N number manually. Is there anyway to make it a drop down like the aircraft type does?

Question # 3

I have both a laptop and desktop. Can I load Logbook pro on both so I can enter flight logs when I am on the road, or can i only use a clone from the desktop.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Re: #1 - Your data from the Excel spreadsheet needs to resemble the Logbook Pro Spreadsheet Style entry area as close as possible, top row having column headings, each contiguous row below should be data lines. In Excel, click File...Save As... and choose TAB delimited (.txt) data file. You can then import this file using the Import Wizard ensuring you have at least the minimum columns of: Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM). If this doesn't work, please fill out a support ticket including your .XLS (Excel) file for my review.
Re: #2 - Because the PDA Companions do not have the full contents of your logbook on the PDA, the drop down lists are not possible. Logbook Pro (PC) searches the prior logbook data to build these lists. We are expecting the full logbook data on the PDA with the next major update of Logbook Pro so this should be improved in the future as you desire.

Re: #3 - The Professional Edition allows you to install Logbook Pro on two PC's and enables the PC-to-PC synchronization engine. Typically you would put the clone file on the secondary computer, keeping your primary (desktop) as the MASTER database. Clone data files are not full data files therefore PDA companions cannot sync with cloned logbook data files. See the Logbook Pro FAQ forum for tips on using the Professional Edition with two computers.