Importing Multiple Aircraft Types to Logbook Pro

Steve Mackay

Nov 11, 2002
I am flying the CRJ 200, 700 and 900 and I'd like to be able to keep track of the hours I fly in each type. So I've set up 3 different aircraft types in logbook pro.

However when I import data from ADPL I use the wizard to combine legs into one entry by logbookpage. However logbookpro can now only assign one aircraft for the entire day even if I flew the 200 in the morning and the 900 in the evening.

Is there a way to import round trips i.e. out and backs into seperate lines of logbook pro instead of the whole log page. This should work for me because usually if I take a 200 to an out station I'll bring the 200 back to base.

The other option would be to import each leg individually which will take up a whole lot of paper when I go to print out my logbook considering I can do up to 6 legs per day.

Help appreciated.